And we’re off….

Running blog of a marathon first timer.


So this is my very first blog entry, I may be the only person to ever read this.

I’ve decided to write this blog to save all my friends from having to read my Facebook posts and me becoming the #marathonbore. Before I get onto running though a quick backstory. I’m a 39 year old Yorkshireman from Bradford, living in exile just over the border in Lancashire. In March 2012 I survived testicular cancer and have been cancer free since, I have a fantastic wife and two great kids. As near as damn it a year ago I went for a health check at work. I weighed in at 13st 8lbs, I had a physical activity rating of 2/10 and was told I had a virtual age of 50. All my motivation is pretty much summed up right there. I needed to get fit, stop making excuses and start eating things that were actually good for me. That weekend my wife and I went out for a Valentine’s meal. I drove to the restaurant (tight Yorkshiremen don’t pay for taxis to a venue) and decided that the following day I’d run the 3.25 miles back to pick the car up. That run took me about 35 minutes and I felt like throwing up, it was the first serious bit of exercise I’d done in a long time.

Fast forward 12 months and I am pretty much a running addict, I’m still not sure if I define myself as a run

My wife Catherine and I after the Burnley 10km 2016

ner or an advanced jogger. Anyway, I kept the running up and actually started to enjoy it, going pretty much every Monday and Friday evening. The company I work for were one of the sponsors of the Burnley 10km in June so I entered along with my wife and on a baking hot day came in with a respectable time of just over 54 minutes. The next day was the perfect excuse to give up, still hot, still tired from the 10km, goal achieved but I went out and did 4 miles or so and have carried on. I have pretty much stopped eating rubbish and I weigh just on 11st.

Shortly before Christmas I did 10.5 miles, then 12.7 miles and then last week I took the plunge and entered the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon in York in October. Now things have started to get serious and as a first timer I’ll be honest, I’m bricking it. On Friday I ran 13.25 miles in 1hr 45 mins 59 secs, which I think is ok but how the hell am I going to double that over the next 8 months?

This people is hopefully where you come in. I need, advice, guidance, tips anything to get me across that line in one piece on 8th October. I intend to post most weeks and keep you up to speed (no pun intended I’m not that fast) on how things are going and if you are a marathon first timer or #marathonbore too then maybe you’ll find some inspiration or comfort here too.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Good goal! First time heading towards 26.2 (Dublin Marathon in October as well) and I am not a runner! I don’t even think I am in advanced jogging territory. But I do enjoy moving so I am hoping that I get across the line!

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