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Does it matter when I run?


Since catching the running/advanced jogging bug, Mondays and Fridays have been my days. Get home, get changed, get out, routine, the groove.

After Friday’s half marathon distance this evening was a bit less intense with 9.5 miles knocked off in 1hr 14mins 56 secs, at a pace of just under 8 minutes per mile I’ll settle for that particularly as half the distance was into a head wind. Why is it that when running into a head wind it feels like a force 10 gale and yet when the wind is supposed to be behind you it’s a powerful as a baby attempting to blow out the candles on their first birthday cake!?

As I live in a small town my routes also have a certain routine, I try to mix it up but inevitably I end up plodding the same streets regularly. Some are pretty, some have great views of the imposing Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

and as I discovered tonight some have a rat scampering across them!! On the streets of Nelson, Colne and Burnley I also see other runners, joggers (advanced or otherwise), dog walkers, groups of power walking Asian ladies and kids who think it’s funny to try and run alongside you for a while. Sometimes it’s the same faces, sometimes new people, we smile, we nod, we probably share the same thoughts to a degree, we don’t know each others names and note to the bloke who attempted this on me a few weeks back, we DO NOT high 5!!! Who the hell thinks that’s a good idea or hygienic having blown snot out of your nostrils???!!!???

My routine is very much in a groove and despite being over 7 months out from D-Day (or should that be M-Day?) I’m a tad concerned that the marathon is a morning start whereas I am very much an evening running owl. So my question for anyone out there who would care to lend their thoughts is does this matter? Should I move to more morning runs? Should I try to do my longer runs on a Sunday morning and train my body to peak at that time of day or is it sufficient at this stage that I’m getting in the miles and gradually pushing my body’s tolerance and ability to go further? All thoughts welcome.




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  1. Love the blog. For my 2p worth, it is definitely a good idea to adapt your body to running at the time that your Marathon will be. There is no need to do a lot of this though. I too mostly train in the evening, but I will make sure to do at least 2 or 3 long runs at the exact same time as my marathon start time, on the same day, wearing the same clothes I intend to wear and following the same nutrition/hydration routine. This means you get to “race test” your strategy and also you will adapt a bit to the morning running. Good luck. Will keep an eye on your blog for updates.

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