Born of frustration

When I started blogging just over six weeks ago I did it on a bit of a whim. I’d signed up that week to run my first ever marathon and I was mainly looking for a way to record my traiukrucning and to reach out and get some advice and interaction with more seasoned runners so that the challenge I’d set myself didn’t seem so daunting. I’d been scratching around online and found various hints and tips for first timers but I was totally oblivious to the world of running bloggers and indeed vloggers already out there and at that point I was yet to sample the delights of the @ukrunchat community.

Some feedback I received raised a really pertinent point for me, “what do you want to get out of this?”. It’s not until the last week or so that I’ve actually stopped to reflect on this and think about it a bit more.

I wasn’t really looking for an audience or dedicated readership and I wasn’t even sure what I could offer to anyone else that would make my blog worth reading, my running experience is limited to say the least, so why on earth was I spending time writing this on top of the time commitments already given over to actually running?

I’ve always enjoyed writing. In my teens I wrote a couple of pieces for the Bradford City fanzine, The City Gent, at university I wrote some sports features and reports for the student newspaper, DARTS (Does Anybody Read This Sh*t) and at work part of my job involves writing quite lengthy, detailed reports on various subjects, I’m not exactly prolific though.

The reality I think is that I am a frustrated writer looking for a more regular outlet and by writing this blog I’m allowing those writing juices to start to flow in a way they never have before. I’m enjoying writing, I’m enjoying the challenge of coming up with content and I love that as someone who is naturally very much an introvert I have found my voice in a way that I am comfortable with. Behind my keyboard I seem to come alive and I am far more effusive in my writing than I normally am in conversation.

Fast forward six weeks and I now feel like a veteran blogger, I’m dabbling with vlogging and hundreds of people have read this blog and interacted with me to provide support, advice and feedback, a massive thank you to you all. I have readers from Norway to India and Switzerland to Mexico and these are people who read each post, this blows my mind and provides me with inspiration to write more but also a certain pressure that it has to be a good read.

I love reading the blogs of other runners out there too, I won’t single anyone out in particular but if you want to get into running there are some real gems worthy of a more professional status. The styles and content vary from blogger to blogger but the one thing that shines through is how much people love their running and how each blogger has their own unique story to tell.

As this is a running blog I’d better actually tell you about my recent running. In the seven days to last Thursday I ran an all time high of 32 miles across three runs through rain, hail, rainbows and glorious spring sunshine. On Sunday we also had a family walk up Pendle Hill which was a good leg stretch and took away some of the guilt of slight over-indulgence across the Mother’s Day weekend. I’ve then run 10.5 miles in just over 1hr 20 mins this evening and as things stand I’m feeling good about my training and that my preparation for the Leeds half marathon in mid-May is going well.

Given the title of this post and my apparent obsession with music I couldn’t leave you dear reader without a quick blast of the excellent James and their version of Born of Frustration.


As ever it would be great to hear from anyone out there who has any feedback, writing this blog is a massive learning curve for me. In addition, if you have any questions or even suggestions for future blogs I’d love for you to get in touch and I can try and work out some of my 39 years worth of frustration on putting something together.


4 thoughts on “Born of frustration

  1. Great stuff Stuart and I so get everything you say – I think there’s a little of the frustrated writer in many of us. For me, blogging on running is about finding my voice outside the day job! And it’s great getting feedback – just this morning I had someone on Instagram say I was ‘inspiring’…what….me? Huh? Glad you’re enjoying it and I’m really enjoying your posts!

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  2. Great blog. I agree with Sophie that a lot of us are frustrated writers. I started about the same time and find it addictive. Try not to get bogged down with it though and remember why you are doing it!…..those words are for me as well as you!

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