REDDecember – The Preview

RED (Run Every Day) or run streaking was a concept that I first came across this summer when one of my running pals Luke Zwalf announced that he was attempting REDJuly. I’ve met Luke a couple of times and he is a top guy so I was keen to support him in this testing challenge.


Despite some struggles early on Luke got into the zone and saw the month through with plenty of encouragement from the running community. Sheer grit and determination got him over the line, which in his case was actually in northern France, and he celebrated in style by running part of the last day with his family. You can read more about his efforts here.

Inspired by Luke, and others, I decided I wanted to take on this challenge myself. Having recovered from my marathon exploits I needed a new challenge and this seemed like the perfect way to end an amazing year for me and my running.


Friday 1st December will therefore see the start of my 31 day RED efforts. I have set myself the target of running a minimum of 5k per day and every step will go towards my other December test, the Run Up To Christmas virtual race. Despite running plenty of miles my longest ever run streak is 4 days so I’ll quickly be in uncharted territory.


I genuinely can’t wait to get started and to pick up the virtual baton from Brian Shaw who has been smashing REDNovember in various outfits (see photo below). I have a couple of new routes planned to make sure I keep things fresh and there will be some festive running gear worn along the way to get in the mood.

santa brian

I’ll be posting a weekly update which hopefully will give you an insight into my progress, my mindset and maybe even some inspiration to take something similar on yourself.

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Million Moo March – Review

The week of 13th-19th November saw the running of the inaugural Million Moo March virtual race. The race was organised by Melissa from Run Heifer Run and Scott from Ordinary Marathoner two amazingly inspirational people from the other side of The Pond. mmmwebThe ethos of the event was to celebrate the positive spirit and support within the running community. It was about bringing people of all abilities and experiences together, some ran together in groups, others ran in races and banked their miles towards the MMM, whilst others used their solo training runs to get involved. Participants were then encouraged to share their runs via social media and to celebrate each others achievements and encourage everyone to keep moo-ving. If that wasn’t motivation enough to get involved there were some fantastic spot prizes along the way and all proceeds from the event were to be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Via the power of social media I’ve got to know Melissa from Run Heifer Run well over the last few months, she has a fantastic back story leading her to a more active, healthy lifestyle and so I signed on day one of registration as much to support her event as anything. A couple of weeks later and my race pack duly arrived via air mail. The pack contained a medal, race bib, magnetic pin, sticker and wrist band, great value for the sign up fee.


I wanted to set myself a realistic yet testing target for the week and so my aim was to cover a full marathon distance across several runs depending on how I was feeling, the weather and other life commitments.

IMG_20171113_163420I started my MMM week on Monday 13th November with a solid 8.45 miles. It was a lovely crisp evening, for crisp read chilly, but I was determined to get started and despite not being in the best spirits mentally I gave it my all and race at a strong pace. I had planned to bank a long run on Wednesday but life got in the way and my running window was reduced, I still found time to make it out though and 7.13 miles were clocked up. To make up for Wednesday’s deficit I decided to head out again on Thursday. I’d taken my son to his football training and it was after 7.30pm by the time I got home and was ready. Again the weather was bracing but I felt good and 4.61 miles were covered. My final run was on Friday night, I felt really strong and so pushed myself hard over 6.07 miles. My legs eventually gave up on me and so I had a short walk before a 0.44 mile cool down trot.

Having got my breath back it was time to receive my hard earned medal. My children love to get involved and support my running and so my son took on the role of voice over and cameraman whilst my daughter presented the medal, I think it made a nice little clip 

All in all I think the Million Moo March was a great event. I’ve interacted via social media with lots of new people and the superb running community spirit was evident in bucket loads. Melissa and Scott did a brilliant job pulling the whole thing together as their first event and I can’t wait to get involved in whatever they put on next.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish Mel good luck in her next challenge, The Himalayan Rush Triathlon in March 2018, she is currently training hard, pushing new boundaries and inspiring even more people to get active and stay active, you KAHN do it Mel!!!!!



Winter Is Coming

This phrase has slipped into common parlance recently as a result of the hit TV series Game of Thrones, before I go on I must confess that I have never seen it, cue aghast faces and people pouring scorn on me for missing out.

My two runs early yesterday morning and late this afternoon have confirmed though that winter is indeed coming. The long sleeved high viz running top has made its seasonal debut, the breeze has held a distinct chill and it’s taken a while for me to be able to feel my hands!

At this time of year it is understandable that people struggle to find motivation, going out in the dark and the cold is not high up on the list of ways to have fun and so it is easy to let things slide and to curl up on the sofa instead of getting your kit on and getting out there.

Last winter was my first as a runner and there were definitely times when I struggled with motivation. This year I have tried to counteract that by setting myself some goals and challenges.

From 13th-19th November I will be taking part in the first ever Million Moo March. This international virtual event is already sold out and has been put together by @OrdMarathoner and @MelissaKahn7 . It is a celebration of the positive spirit and support within the running community with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. I’m really looking forward to taking part and the fantastic race pack has already arrived all the way from the U S of A. 

As I have previously mentioned I plan to run at least 5k every day in December, REDDecember. Last week the RED movement took a new and positive twist as one of Twitter’s finest @BriShaw81 managed to fill a whole 12 month calendar with runners committing to their own RED months. A simple yet inspiring idea for runners to give their all for a month and then hand on the virtual baton, everyone will be supporting each other and although it will be hard I know it is achievable and another way to maintain winter motivation.

rutcMy REDDecember will go hand in glove, I may need some by then, with another virtual event, the Run Up To Christmas. This event is from the same people who brought us Marathon In A Day earlier in the year. You have from 1st December to Christmas Day to run as many miles as you want and although it isn’t a run streak challenge that is how I have decided to approach it. Again the event will support Mind and the running community will join together to do what it does best, there is still time to sign up by visiting their website here.

With a potential half marathon in January too I have plenty to keep me running and keep my motivation up. I’ll keep you posted in the next couple of weeks via this blog as things progress but I’d encourage all of you to find some winter motivation and set yourself some goals even if it is to just allow yourself that extra mince pie or turkey sandwich come the big day.

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