It’s Running Jim, But Not As I Know It

The Beast From The East, snow, ice, wind, sludge etc etc, you all know the score, it’s been quite a week.


Whilst I am a hardy soul, I ventured out for a swift 5.5 miles on Wednesday in spite of the snow and much to the incredulity of my wife, I drew the line at risking my usual Friday training slot in the midst of the¬†meteorological onslaught. By then I’d already been off work for four days, working in a school does have some benefits, and I was going stir crazy, cabin fever had well and truly set in. I was itching to get out for a run but I didn’t much fancy catching hypothermia. My wife is a member at a local gym, she knows how I need to run, she doesn’t like me risking life and limb in the name of exercise and so with a quick phone call she set me up with a free 7 day pass at her gym.


The gym is a pretty foreign place to me, apart from a quick session during a hotel stay a few years ago I haven’t set foot in one for well over a decade. Not much has changed, the machines have more bells and whistles, there are still blokes grunting and panting with large weights in a corner, although apparently it is now acceptable to facetime someone whilst you are cross training!?

And so I took a deep breath and put my best foot forward onto the treadmill. Firstly the measurements were in kilometers and kmph and I couldn’t work out how to change them to my preferred miles and mph setting so I was thrown. I had my Garmin on with my usual settings but apart from the time they didn’t seem to tally with the treadmill readings based on my rudimentary conversions. Although I had a window view and didn’t have to look at myself in the mirror I was soon bored. My legs felt like they were spinning at quite a rate but looking at my pace I was slower than normal, this also played with my head.

In the end I managed 50 minutes plus a 5 minute cool down. It wasn’t pretty, I didn’t enjoy it but it was more than necessary to stretch my legs and get some positive chemicals flowing. I finished off the session with a 15 minute cycle and some weights, don’t worry there was no panting or strained expressions!


As I have a free pass and had some time on my hands today I thought I’d give the gym a second chance. The weather has improved slightly but the snow and ice has turned to horrible slush and I’ll wait until tomorrow to experience that delight. I set my sights a touch lower given Friday’s run and did what felt like a swift 5km, again the feeling and the reality were two very different things and I was considerably slower than I would normally be. A quick cross train later and some weights followed before I finished off with 10 minutes of intervals, at least that bit worked well once I had figured out how to alternate the pace of the machine.

As you may have guessed I am not a fan of treadmills but in the circumstances this was a necessary evil. The pass I have entitles me to use the local running track and so I will try to make the most of that, weather permitting, later in the week, another change of scenery will do me good and I enjoyed my short track outing at the Winter Warmer 10k last month. For now I will chalk this one up to experience, I’m not slating anyone who uses treadmills regularly, I am just saying that they are not for me, I need fresh air, I need a changing view and I need to know that the effort I am putting in actually equates to what I am getting out. Maybe I’ll try again in another 10 years.

NB – If you follow me on Twitter you will have noticed that I am taking a self-imposed break for Lent, I am using the auto post feature on Word Press to share this link so rest easy that I haven’t succumbed to temptation!